Note: the website of the health plan administrator Enthea can be found at enthea.com. This organization has no affiliation with our research project.

Enthea is a research project assessing the hypothesis that the world would be better if more people had experiences with psychedelics. To learn more about psychedelics, check out our recommended reading.

Our current view is that increasing access to high-quality psychedelic experiences is an impactful project. We are exploring paths forward in this direction.

If you're interested in learning more about Enthea, or want to get involved, shoot us at note at info@enthea.net

Top posts

You can read more of our research here, and also on our blog.

Ballot initiative cost-effectiveness analysis
Modeling the cost-effectiveness of a California ballot initiative aimed at increasing access to psychedelics.

Qualia Research Institute & the Symmetry Theory of Valence
Symmetry as the mathematical correspondent of psychological valence.

On Pala
A reply to the Auryn Project's We Will Call It Pala.

Gabay et al. 2019 – MDMA and cooperation
MDMA · iterated prisoner's dilemmas · superrationality

How to work on bringing psychedelics into our culture?

REBUS and the Anarchic Brain
A review of Carhart-Harris & Friston's landmark 2019 paper.

Towards a safer MDMA protocol
Grapefruit · MDA conversion · psilocybin · other supplements

Two dissimilarities with the Portugal model of drug decriminalization
Drug decrim in Portugal is not the same as drug decrim in the US.

Cutting through spiritual colonialism
Commentary on Vinay Gupta's Cutting Through Spiritual Colonialism.

Long-lasting effects of LSD on "normals"
An LSD session reduced the anxiety of healthy grad students for 6 months.