A new perspective – pillars of religion

In Bob Jesse's talk on the MAPS podcast (a), starting around 25:00:

And then you have this eye-opening experience. Is it fair to say you've either learned something or at least gotten a new perspective on ultimate reality?

Well, if so, a new perspective on ultimate reality is the first little bit of doctrine.

"Wow, things are more connected than I thought they were!" That's a doctrine – something that you know think is true about the world. That's one of the pillars of religion.

So, once you have this doctrine... maybe that calls for you to live your life a little differently. Make different decisions about your self and your livelihood and your relationships and your health and what not.

Well, decisions about what to do and what not to do – there's the seed of ethics.

Let's suppose that these changes... you find them enlivening. It's a quality of life improvement. This is a major gift you've been given, actually. And you'd like to give thanks for it. That gives rise to ritual.

Brother David (a), anyhow, asserts that those are the three major elements of religion. And they come from the non-dual, "beyond" experience.