Kilindi Iyi on what's next

From Kilindi Iyi's interview on Expanding Mind (a), starting around 41:00:

Iyi: We've progressed technologically to a place where the next level of the human and then the level outside of the human is right in front of our faces.

It's possible, with artificial intelligence, the merging of the computer, cyborgs, things like this. It's right in front of us. We're in a time – it's only been a minute since chipping flint to quantum computers and artificial intelligence and things like this.

And so going to the next step, out of the human, is what I'm most interested in.

Because being human, you can't do anything. You want to go to New York, you got to get on a plane, you gotta worry about these folks crashing the plane, you gotta worry about all these things with time.

If I want to go to New York, I just want to be in New York. If I want to go to California, I just want to be in California.

But once I've breached the human, those things would only last a minute. I wouldn't want to go anywhere – because I'd be in all places all the time. And be able to experience all possibilities, any time.

Also this gem, from near the end:

Davis: What is it that you think you're bringing?

Iyi: I think it's the sensibility of the explorer. As opposed to "I'm sick and I need some help, and maybe this medicine will help me get over my earthly human problems" – into "Out there. To go where no one has gone before. To see things that no one has seen. To experience things that no one else that's ever existed has experienced."

And that's really what it is. In this place & time we have very little [chance] to be a Magellan... we don't have that anymore... to be able to really go into the unknown, that's something that's very, very rare. But it's available to anybody who has the ability to go onto YouTube and the wherewithal to grow mushrooms.