November 2017 update

In November, other commitments were often prioritized above work on Enthea. That said, progress was made on a few fronts.

We continued thinking about the tractability of various routes towards psychedelic normalization. An all-drug decriminalization ballot initiative continues to stand out in terms of tractability.

We began discussing possibilities for collaboration with the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), a major organization in the drug policy reform space. Working with DPA is plausibly a great opportunity to learn the mechanics of the ballot initiative process.

Also in November, we took a step back to reflect on some theoretical considerations that bear on our view of the impact of psychedelic normalization.

We intended to spend time better understanding the mechanics of the FDA approval process for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy and psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy, but did not get around to this in November.

Looking forward, we plan to spend December: