Drug liberalization ballot initiative
cost-effectiveness – minimum-benefit

This model is out of date. For our latest work on ballot initiative impact, see our best-guess cost-effectiveness analysis.

The main research product of Enthea so far is our cost-effectiveness analysis of drug liberalization as a mental health intervention. Details follow.

In a nutshell:

The model is quite rough; we're very grateful for comments and critiques of it.

Major caveats & considerations:

Q & A:

What intervention is being modeled, exactly?

Why model mental health impacts if the largest benefits would come from other impacts?

Is a ballot initiative cost-effective on the grounds of mental health benefits alone?

Why doesn't the model account for adverse effects of psychedelics, like bad trips?

One plausible strategy for increasing access to psychedelics is to decriminalize all drugs. Wouldn't all-drug decriminalization cause a major uptick in use of addictive drugs?

Thanks to Chris Smith and an anonymous collaborator for their help building the model and thinking through relevant considerations.