Recommended reading

Psychedelics have been receiving a lot of attention recently! Rather than write up another summary of psychedelic history and research, here are links to the best introductory writings we've seen so far:

The Psychedelic Society has a good introductory Q&A (a).

Rethink Psychedelics (a) gives a good summary of the academic research and strategic landscape to date. is a guide on getting started contributing to the psychedelic renaissance.

The first part of Nichols 2016 gives a comprehensive and readable overview of recent academic research, safety considerations, and mechanisms of action. The paper then veers into some pretty gnarly psychopharmacology.

The Usona Institute (a) and the Heffter Research Institute (a) maintain bibliographies of research they've supported.

Nearly all recent academic publications can be located on PubMed. Here's one method of accessing academic papers (a).

(a) = archived version of the linked page. For background on this practice, see here.