Report: psychedelics for addiction

We've completed a report looking into psychedelics as a treatment for addiction, focusing on ibogaine, ketamine, and psilocybin.

From the report's introduction:

So smoking, alcohol, and abuse of other drugs caused 16.8% of DALYs in the US in 2017. That’s one-sixth of the total health burden of the US.

Addictive disorders are a substantial portion of the global DALY burden, too. It’s hard to get a clear picture of the exact global DALY burden attributable to addictive disorders – developing-world health data is less reliable than US or European health data. Also, in the developing world a large portion of COPD is caused by cooking fires, not smoking, so attributing the entirety of developing-world COPD to addictive disorders would be inaccurate.

This review will focus on the US & Canada, as we have the most experience with & knowledge of those landscapes. There’s also a mimetic argument whereby many countries seem to follow the US in policy matters, either making direct use of US innovations or creating country-specific copies of them. So affecting the US situation may have knock-on effects in many other geographies.

We're not releasing the main text of the report publicly, as it contains analysis of business & philanthropic opportunities that is somewhat sensitive.

If you'd like to review the full report, shoot an email to requesting access.